Milk Steaming Solutions are thrilled to be the distributor for Ubermilk in Melbourne, Victoria. We are excited to be at the forefront of the specialty coffee industry’s latest innovations as the market expands and embraces technology to improve the consistency and quality of coffee in Australia.


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What is Ubermilk?

Ubermilk is the revolutionary product that is improving coffee service, speed and quality in cafe’s. Ubermilk is an automatic milk steamer/frother which delivers perfect microfoam. The precise amount of foam is delivered depending on which type of coffee you need steamed milk for. The unit also dispenses the milk in exact volumes so you never waste a drop and the temperature of milk is adjustable on the touch screen.


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Why should I be interested in Ubermilk?

Ubermilk dramatically changes the way your cafe operates in terms of coffee service, hygiene, speed & quality. The introduction of Ubermilk into your cafe positively impacts your team as a whole in many aspects:

  • During peak periods of coffee service, two barista’s are required in order to keep up with demand – Ubermilk eliminates the need to have the second barista pouring milk into jugs and taking the time to steam the milk. This system will free up the second barista who can then help to deliver coffees and provide extra assistance to the rest of the cafe team.
  • Ubermilk also provides consistency at a high standard. Every time you press the touch screen to deliver milk it will always be at the same temperature 100% of the time (unless you want to adjust the temperature). This means that your customers will never complain about coffee being too hot or too cold which will keep your client base happy.
  • Not only is the temperature consistent, but the amount of foam per type of coffee is always the same. With this level of consistency, you can afford to employ a less skilful barista to perform the same task of preparing coffee. Ubermilk reduces the risk of having poor quality coffee if your barista calls in sick or is unavailable for whatever reason. Anyone who is working as the barista on any day of the week will deliver the same high quality milk.
  • How many times have you seen a barista reach for that dirty cloth and use it to wipe the steam wand? Ubermilk eliminates the need to clean milk hardened steam wands and keeps that dirty cloth away from what you are drinking. As you begin to use the unit, you’ll find that your servicing costs for your coffee machine will decrease because you aren’t using your steam taps often and this means less steam tap rebuilds.
  • Smaller coffee’s such as half latte’s, piccolo’s and macchiato’s require less milk, however, there is a minimum amount of milk you need in a jug in order for the milk to be steamed to a reasonable quality – Ubermilk portions steamed milk exactly which means you save money long term because you never waste a drop. Some barista’s leave unused steamed milk in the jug during quiet periods until they mix in the new milk before steaming, which is bad practice – Ubermilk prevents this by providing the exact quantity required.
  • You are also supporting the environment by using milk bladders instead of plastic milk containers. Ubermilk saves time, money, waste and make’s the barista’s job that much easier.


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How does Ubermilk work?

Ubermilk connects to a milk supply which can be a bladder or a tray of milk which sits in any fridge. A line is connected between the fridge and the unit itself. The unit pulls milk through the line and alongside the element chamber where the milk is heated and frothed. When you need milk, simply touch the icon for the desired cup of coffee you are preparing and it will be dispensed.

In terms of power requirements, this appliance needs a 15A socket to plug into (single phase).


Who is Ubermilk for?

At first it can be quite daunting to consider that a piece of equipment can perform the task of steaming milk more efficiently than a barista, however this does not replace the barista – Ubermilk is there to make things easier, quicker, efficient and cost effective for the barista and cafe owner.

Ubermilk is for cafe’s who:

  • want to deliver high quality coffee at speed.
  • want to keep staff and milk costs to a minimum.
  • have high staff turnover, unreliable barista’s and low skilled barista’s who need consistency and quality around their coffee offering.
  • want more time to focus on quality coffee extractions rather than steaming milk.
  • want to focus on customer service and building better relationships with their customers.
  • have a small cafe team and require all team members to be multi-skilled.
  • have a focus on cleanliness and hygiene.


Does it take long to clean Ubermilk?

Ubermilk has a one-button cleaning function that quickly runs through the unit to clean all the internal parts and lines. Just press the cleaning button on the touch screen and the unit will shift into the cleaning cycle. The inbuilt database also keeps record of when the cleaning cycle has been completed, therefore if your staff are not cleaning the unit regularly, there is a reference system available in the event you would like to check.

With any milk based products, cleaning needs to occur daily at minimum. The Ubermilk cleaning system is advanced and is quick to clean. Cleaning is always an issue in cafe’s because it takes time – so it’s fantastic that Ubermilk has a built-in self cleaning function!


Support and Warranty

Support for Ubermilk is handled in house by Milk Steaming Solutions technicians. We are available on call 24/7 to assist with any problems that may arise with your unit in Victoria. In regards to warranty, there is a 12 month cover on all non-consumable parts (labour not included).


Trial before you Buy

Before you decide to purchase an Ubermilk unit, we recommend you trial one first. Many interested people like to jump straight to purchasing the latest product before they’ve had the chance to test it. We insist that you trial the Ubermilk in your existing cafe to ensure the product will be correct for your needs and you are 100% happy to go ahead with the investment. The trial system goes for 2 weeks and if you are certain the Ubermilk is right for you then the cost of the trial is put towards the deposit to secure your unit. This trial system ensures both parties are happy and the product meets the expectation of the buyer, not to mention giving any premature buyers the opportunity not to commit for any reason.


Placing an Order

If you would like to order an Ubermilk for your cafe and have already trialled the product, the next step is confirm your order with a 50% deposit. When your unit becomes available in our warehouse, we will request the remaining balance and then your Ubermilk will be delivered to you by one of our technicians who will be ready to install the unit.


When can I purchase Ubermilk in Melbourne, Victoria?

Ubermilk in Melbourne, Victoria will be available for purchase late 2017. Live testing and trials have already started in cafe’s around Sydney. Currently Ubermilk units are running perfectly but we are trying to find potential problems so we can be prepared. If you would like to be contacted regarding purchasing or trialing Ubermilk when it becomes available in Melbourne, please email Juan Mariu on