Why We Need To Automate Milk Steaming

Milk steaming is about to be automated and the coffee community will embrace it. Let’s look at why…


Why Create Milk Steaming Solutions?

Milk Steaming Solutions were created in order to meet the demand for high quality automated milk steaming systems in cafes. Milk steaming/frothing has always been a challenging and time consuming task for barista’s and this impacts heavily on the rest of the cafe, not to mention the customer. It is natural for humans to try to better themselves, their systems and processes but most of all to make things more efficient while saving time. Milk Steaming Solutions (the business) is here to provide products, support and service to cafe’s in Melbourne, Victoria who have identified that milk steaming itself is an important part of the coffee service system.


Why Improve The Milk Steaming Process?

If you think about the area, workflow, process and time it takes to steam milk then you need to consider:

  • Rinsing the milk jug of excess milk used to make the previous cup of coffee
  • Reaching for the milk container and filling the jug to an appropriate level
  • Purging the milk wand of excess liquid (required on all coffee machines without anti-vac seals)
  • Concentrating on the milk during initial heating/adding air/initiating swirl
  • Holding the milk jug and waiting while the milk is heated
  • Stopping the heating process at exactly the right point to maintain temperature consistency
  • Purging the steam wand of milk
  • Wiping the steam wand with a cloth
  • Discarding the milk container when it is empty
  • Going to the fridge to get the next container when required
  • Cleaning the cloth that is used to wipe the steam wand when required
  • Scrubbing the steam wand when milk is hardened on the wand

Think about how much time the barista spends doing this everyday… Nearly everytime a coffee is ordered?

Now think about when the coffee machine requires 2 barista’s in order to keep up with high volume coffee requirements… How much would you save if you only had to pay for one barista’s wages?

It’s only natural that some processes become automated and milk steaming is one of them. It doesn’t mean that the whole coffee process won’t need people, it just means that work efficiency and time is better spent and forwarded into other areas of the cafe that require more manual labour. It also means that the barista can spend more time focusing on the extraction, taste and quality of the coffee.


Signs Of The Times

Why are barista’s so keen for cafe owners to install milk systems for dispensing milk? What was the reaction when manufacturers started to integrate scales into coffee machines? How long did it take for the specialty coffee industry to adopt automatic tamping machines? Who will produce the best grinder with integrated scales? Who will be the first to automate coffee extraction?

Technology is amazing and creates efficiency. Some choose to embrace it while others choose to ignore it. Some ignore it at their own peril but one thing is for sure – every cafe can become more efficient, save time and save money…

Milk steaming automation is here right now and it will change the dynamics of the coffee industry. For more information, click here: Ubermilk.